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About Joel

If you could duck hunt every day of the season… would you?
Surviving Duck Season is a first of its kind waterfowling web series hosted by Joel Strickland.

Joel’s first duck hunt was in the flooded timber of Arkansas in 1985. Since then he has hunted waterfowl all over North America, hunting 41 states, 5 Canadian provinces and Mexico.

Joel loves taking people duck hunting, and he’s been doing it his entire hunting career. His passion for waterfowl opened doors that led to him guiding and managing waterfowl habitat as well as duck clubs in some of the best areas of Arkansas. 

In addition to his outdoor pursuits, Joel is an award winning producer in the film and television industry. Recently he brought his love of waterfowl and film production together in his YouTube series called “Surviving Duck Season”. 

Our focus is to show you what it takes for us to survive
duck season. Joel shares tips, demonstrations, product reviews and other waterfowl related educational content. Check out the ground breaking series on Shotgunning along with the Duck calling Series.
You will always have great waterfowling content to watch, at any time of
the year!

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